How to buy

Select your suitable package

Go to Pricing page and see all our available packages. Please choose the suitable package for you

Register your account

Register your new account, enter your e-mail address, phone number and choose a strong account password

1 week trial

You have a 7 days trial period for 1€ in order to evaluate Finor online product.

Online payment with MobilPay

Online payment can be made with your personal or company card, in complete security. Payment by card is a safe method because your card data will not be stored by the processor, they are secured and encrypted.

To make the payment, you will enter your card number, the expiry date and the CVV2/CVC2 code (the last three digits written on the strip on the back, which also contains your signature).

The currency in which payment will be made is RON using the National Bank of Romania exchange rate from the date the payment is made.

Recurring payment

Recurring payments at due date

We will debit your card account when the due date is reached. The frequency of payments are monthly or yearly based, based on your choise.

For example, if you choose monthly payment for Elite package, we will debit your card monthly with 10€ equivalent in RON, using the National Bank of Romania exchange rate from the day when transaction is processed.

We will notify you if we are not able to process successfully the payment.

Your account will be restricted when the access grant period ends and we are not able to process your payment.

Use a new card

If your card is expired or you choose to use other card to pay your Finor Online subscription, you have the possibility to register a new card payment in My Subscription section.

Delivery policy

We will deliver everything online. Once you activated your user account and your trial period by paying the agreed fee, we will send you an e-mail with all necesary information in order you to start to use Finor Online platform.

Your account is active from the moment your registration process is successfull and you always have the possibility to cancel your subscription (please see below details).

Subscription cancellation

You have always the possibility to cancel the subscription using My Subscription section from your account. In case of any issues, you can also write to us at office@finor.ro.

You are not entitled to any reimbursement of amounts already paid. You will still have access into Finor Online application until the grant access period for your existing subscription will expire.